Windows 8 RTM final professional x86 - x64

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Windows 8 RTM final professional x86 - x64
The final, Release to Manufacturing (RTM) version of Windows 8 is now available to developers, IT professionals and (soon) businesses with volume licences (or to intrepid testers who don't mind an evaluation version that expires after 90 days and can't be upgraded, downloaded from here).
The rest of us will have to wait until October when Windows 8 upgrades, new Windows 8 PCs and Windows RT devices will be released - but this is the final version that you'll get then, so we can finally review the full, finished Windows 8 operating system.

It's a bold move to head off the danger of Windows becoming irrelevant in an iPad future by giving you the best of both worlds. You can have a slim, lightweight, cheap tablet with a tablet OS that can also run Office and turn into a notebook when you add a keyboard (we have to see the final version of Windows RT to see how well this works, but so far we're impressed).
Or you can have a slightly larger and pricier tablet with a tablet OS that can also run Office and all your applications and turn into a notebook when you add a keyboard. Or you can get all of that in a notebook or a desktop, as long as you can deal with the touch-friendly interface.
Undeniably, Windows 8 shines most on a touchscreen system. Even older touch notebooks that were awkward to use with touch under Windows 7 give you a great experience, and the latest tablets are fun and engaging to use.
Features such as rotation work immediately, without you having to hunt down drivers. The mouse gestures mean that you can use Windows 8 without missing a touchscreen, but we really need edge gestures on trackpads and the Microsoft Touch Mouse to make it more natural.
But touchscreen or mouse, Windows 8 undeniably shines. The final desktop look makes the transition between the Modern UI and desktop less obvious. You can still stay substantially in the desktop if you want to and enjoy a faster, more secure version of Windows with a better browser that has longer battery life.
But as more useful Modern UI apps come along, you'll find you split your time between the two experiences more, and gestures could be critical to making that a natural combination.
Keep an open mind, spend some time getting used to the charm bar and the Start screen. Once you do, we defy you not to be impressed by Windows 8.

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