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               L i f e  M e a n s  i n s a n i t y            
                      LMi     PROUDLY PRESENTS:                       
                         Focus on Graphic Products                         
                         Focus Educational Software                        
                                                              TEAM LMi       Language......:  English               
  Supplied......: TEAM LMi       Release-Date..:  12-Dec-2009                
  Packaged......: TEAM LMi       Release-Type..:  Application                  
  Protection....: None         OS............:  Windows                
  Rating........: [You decide!]  Disks.........:  43                 
               - --+  [Release Notes]  +-- -                           
      The screen is divided into two main areas. The left hand side shows  
      the 3D view. The right hand side contains either the main index of   
      topics or information, photos and videos relating to the animation on
      the left. You can adjust the relative sizes of the two areas by      
      dragging the central dividing bar.                                   
                         - -+  [Install Notes]  +- -   
                         Unzip, unrar, run setup                           
  - -+ [News & Application] +- -                                        
  no news is good news                                                     
  Join US if u                                            
         . a p p l i c a t i o n  i n f o .                    
  -can supply unreleased quality software                    
  -can provide a 100mbit dump for our exclusive use         
  -work for a software developer or publisher                 
  -work for a retail software store in any country              
  -Are Familiar with commercial protections                       
  -can create keygens for generic software                             
  -can supply bnc or shell for private use                        
                               - -+ [Greetz] +- -    
                                                . g r e e t s .    
                                    all friends of LMi u know who u are  
                                    BERC  DFE  UMF  RAiN  iTS0DAY  RANK  
                                       hUSHhUSH  GRAVEWiSH  CRD  BReWErS   
                                            ASCii BY      


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