Windows 8 Pro WMC x86 Retail Channel Free Mode cs-CZ Dec2 2012

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Windows 8 Pro WMC x86 Retail Channel Free Mode cs-CZ Dec2 2012
murphy78 presents Windows 8 Pro WMC Retail Channel
Free Mode lets you install directly to the ProWMC version of
Windows 8 with the Free Upgrade Key from Microsoft. It can take quite
a while to receive a key, but the activation is legit straight from MS

Get your free key and install directly, bypassing the need
for Activators and shady Hacks:

No Windows 8 Settings were harmed in the making of this ISO.
No Programs are added.
No Unattended Settings were added to the installation.
No Registry Settings were modified.

Added ei.cfg to set Retail Channel.
Added data.dat to ProWMC to enable free WMC upgrade keys.
Added Info folder to installs to make more work for credit thieves.
Net 2.0-3.5.1 enabled by DISM using SXS folder in sources directory

MSDN Source:

This 32-bit RTM Source is the final Build 9200

Language: cs-CZ (Czech - Czech Republic)
This Language was added to the boot, setup, and install images.
English source packages were removed.
If you find a torrent with the correct language in a MSDN file
release such as en_windows_8_x64_dvd_915440.iso please PM me on
the suprbay forum. Integrations from correct language sources are
100% translated, where Language pack conversions are roughly 99%
If a rtm file is renamed please do not pm me as I need to know the
numbers on the file to verify things.

Tools used:
imagex for image compression and export
dism for MSU, LP, and Net2-3.5.1 integration
oscdimg for ISO mastering

KB Files added via add-package dism:
KB2712101, KB2727528, KB2729462, KB2737084, KB2756872,
KB2758246-v2, KB2761094, KB2761226, KB2764462, KB2764870,
KB2768703, KB2769034, KB2769165, KB2770041, KB2770917,
KB2771744, KB2771821, KB2777166, KB2777294, KB2778171,
KB2780342, KB2780523

KB Files NOT added:
KB2772501 - 33kb IE10 iepropschema update
This file is only downloadable in exe format
Run Windows Update to D/L this update

Enjoy Pirates,
and yes:
I'm aware of the irony of English Instructions on Non-English Files
murphy78-TPB :)

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