Food and Nutritional Components in Focus [Updated at 2016.03.01]

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Food and Nutritional Components in Focus [Updated at 2016.03.01]
Series DOI: 10.1039/2045-1709
Print ISSN: 2045-1695
Series ISSN: 2045-1709
Series editor: Victor Preedy

In the past three decades there have been major advances in our understanding of the chemistry and function of nutritional components. This has been enhanced by rapid developments in analytical techniques and instrumentation. Chemists, food scientists and nutritionists are however separated by divergent skills, and professional disciplines. Hitherto this transdisciplinary divide has been difficult to bridge. This series Food and Nutritional Components in Focus covers in a single volume the chemistry, analysis, function and effects of single components in the diet or its food matrix. Its aim is to bridge scientific disciplines so that information becomes more meaningful and applicable to health in general

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