Windows 8 Pro x86 en-US Incl KMSNano Activator Dec17 2012

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Windows 8 Pro x86 en-US Incl KMSNano Activator Dec17 2012
murphy78 presents Windows 8 Pro VL
No Windows 8 Settings were harmed in the making of this ISO.
No Programs are added.
No Unattended Settings were added to the installation.
No Registry Settings were modified.

Activate and re-activate with any kms server by typing
the following commands in admin command prompt:

Insert an actual online KMS server there, don't just
type x's. Search web for online kms servers.


Use the KMSNano program.
You will need to extract the kmsnano.exe file with winrar or 7zip
and run the convert_windows_retail2vl.cmd or fix hacktivations.cmd
try the convert first. If it doesn't do anything, run the fix.
Then just run kmsnano.exe and wait a few mins (theres no progress
bar or completion windows) Check task manager or run the
check_activation.cmd after a couple mins.

32-bit MSDN Source: en_windows_8_x86_dvd_915417.iso
(Yes I really used that one this time)
This one has the ability to upgrade to free wmc keys for curious ppl.
This RTM Source is the final Build 9200

Release File:
CRC32: 6B6D2989
MD5: D993F62A35AD6088F5943E788AB5872B
SHA-1: D89C9AFA2D8F58A8E2F75A543C5DD8B758F3DC00

Language: en-US (English - United States)

Tools used:
imagex for image compression and export
dism for MSU KB hotfix integration
oscdimg for ISO mastering
Added Info folder to installs to make more work for credit thieves.

KB Files added via add-package dism:
KB2779444, KB2727528, KB2737084, KB2751352-v2, KB2753842,
KB2756872, KB2758246-v2, KB2761094, KB2764462, KB2764870,
KB2768703, KB2769034, KB2769165, KB2770660, KB2770917,
KB2771744, KB2771821, KB2777166, KB2777294, KB2778171,
KB2779030, KB2779562, KB2779768, KB2780342, KB2780523,
KB2780541, KB2782419, KB2783251, KB2784160, KB2785605,

KB Files added during setupcomplete.cmd phase:
KB2761465, KB2771431, KB2772501
Reboots system to finish applying the monthly IE security

Use the included Advanced Tokens Manager 3.5b3 to backup your
Activation. Newer versions stopped supporting KMS activation.

Enjoy Pirates,
murphy78-TPB :)

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