INSURGENT 02 (of 06) (2013) (DC Comics) (digital) (Megan-Empire)

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INSURGENT 02 (of 06) (2013) (DC Comics) (digital) (Megan-Empire)
24 pages
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Forced out of exile, legendary insurgent hunter John Ravane meets the new team of commandos assigned to help him track and eliminate the government's missing super soldiers. But after learning the horrible secrets behind the program, Ravane's reluctance to participate in the mission continues to grow.

ΓÇó Meanwhile, the escaped insurgents, led by a mysterious masked leader, launch the battle for the country's fate with a daring raid on the command center. Are Ravane and his team ready for the onslaught?

ΓÇó An epic, original vision of the future continues in this thrilling, action-packed miniseries!

Written by: F.J. DeSanto, Todd Farmer
Art by: Federico Dallocchio
Cover by: Federico Dallocchio
Color, 32 Pages
On Sale: Feb 6 2013

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