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               L i f e  M e a n s  i n s a n i t y            
                      LMi     PROUDLY PRESENTS:                       
                             Focus on Plastics                             
                         Focus Educational Software                        
                                                              TEAM LMi       Language......:  English               
  Supplied......: TEAM LMi       Release-Date..:  12-Dec-2009                
  Packaged......: TEAM LMi       Release-Type..:  Application                  
  Protection....: None         OS............:  Windows                
  Rating........: [You decide!]  Disks.........:  04                 
               - --+  [Release Notes]  +-- -                           
      Focus on Plastics  is divided into eight topics covering the main    
      processes used in forming plastics. Each topic has an animation      
      that shows a diagrammatic representation of the forming process      
      and on the right of the screen,  detailed information and pictures   
      relating to the process.                                             
                         - -+  [Install Notes]  +- -   
                         Unzip, unrar, run setup                           
  - -+ [News & Application] +- -                                        
  no news is good news                                                     
  Join US if u                                            
         . a p p l i c a t i o n  i n f o .                    
  -can supply unreleased quality software                    
  -can provide a 100mbit dump for our exclusive use         
  -work for a software developer or publisher                 
  -work for a retail software store in any country              
  -Are Familiar with commercial protections                       
  -can create keygens for generic software                             
  -can supply bnc or shell for private use                        
                               - -+ [Greetz] +- -    
                                                . g r e e t s .    
                                    all friends of LMi u know who u are  
                                    BERC  DFE  UMF  RAiN  iTS0DAY  RANK  
                                       hUSHhUSH  GRAVEWiSH  CRD  BReWErS   
                                            ASCii BY      


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