Windows 8 Enterprise x86 Perm Re-Activation Jan2013

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Windows 8 Enterprise x86 Perm Re-Activation Jan2013
murphy78 proudly presents Windows 8 Enterprise x86 en-US Jan2013
Hotfixes included bring install current to Jan8 patch date
Pre-Activated with kmsnano and reactivated whenever you boot
with less than 30 days left on your activation.
NETFX2-3.5.1 is included.

No Windows 8 Settings were harmed in the making of this ISO.
No Programs are added to Windows.
No Unattended Settings were added to the installation.
No Registry Settings were modified.

32-bit MSDN Source:

This RTM Source is the final Build 9200

Installation Indexes:
Windows 8 Enterprise (x86)
Windows 8 Enterprise (x86) KMS Pre-Activated

Release File:
Size: 3.10GiB
CRC32: EF03F985
MD5: 88DAA03F26C4CEC8B35A60E2A7EA5F75
SHA-1: FE986306973FD12B1E8924F7781C3B8F31F846FA

Language: en-US (English - United States)

Tools used:
imagex for image compression and export
dism for image mount and MSU KB Integration
oscdimg for ISO mastering
Added Info folder to installs to make more work for credit thieves.

KB Files added via add-package dism:
KB2779444, KB2727528, KB2729462, KB2736693, KB2737084,
KB2742614, KB2742616, KB2750149, KB2751352-v2, KB2753842-v2,
KB2756872, KB2756923, KB2757638, KB2758246-v2, KB2761094,
KB2761465, KB2764462, KB2764870, KB2768703, KB2769034,
KB2769165, KB2769166, KB2770660, KB2770917, KB2771744,
KB2771821, KB2777166, KB2777294, KB2778171, KB2778930,
KB2779562, KB2779768, KB2780342, KB2780523, KB2780541,
KB2782419, KB2783251, KB2784160, KB2785094, KB2785220,
KB2788261, KB2788350, KB2790920, KB2792009, KB2796096

KB Files added during setupcomplete.cmd phase:
KB890830-v4.16 (Recent Malicious software removal tool)
KB2758694 (xml4 exe only hotfix)
KB2771431 (online only update)
KB2772501 (iepropschema exe only hotfix)
--------For KMS Pre-Activation index
schtasks (schedule the 30 day logon activation check)

Changes from recent Windows 8 x86 releases:
-Added IE security, but moved to offline install.
Reboot is not needed during setupcomplete.cmd phase.
-Added .NET 2-3.5.1
Offline hotfixes used for netfx3
-Unmodified ei.cfg for extra stability long-term
-Obviously the KMS Pre-Activation stuff

I have refined the trigger for the re-activation since
my PRO VL Perm Re-activation release. This release uses
KMSNano v16 with TriggerKMS v9. If you need to update
KMSNano for any reason, make sure that the scheduled
task "Trigger KMS Activation" also gets updated.

Windows 8 Enterprise is version of Windows with the most
features. It has every app that other Windows 8 versions
have and more. For the exact differences, read a wiki.

Activation Proof:

Important Updates After Install:

Optional Updates After Install:

Scheduler Trigger for Re-Activation:

(Big salute to heldigard and everyone who works on kms stuff)
Enjoy Pirates,
murphy78-TPB :)

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