Windows 8 EN-US Retail x64 x86

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Windows 8 EN-US Retail x64 x86
This is a 1:1 copy of the retail disc(s) bought on 2012-10-27. The only difference between this and the RTM release is the compile time. The retail files were apparently compiled a few hours before the RTM files.
Thanks to Icy for helping out!
For more info (including activation/installation serial), visit:
"This file contains multiple products. Please refer to your product keys to determine which products are included with your subscription." Hence, the version installed will depend on the key you use. The RTM files released through the MSDN website are the exact same files as the retail files, with the only exception of compile time (view image below). The only reason to get this torrent over the others available is if you really want a copy of the retail disc (different compile time). If you don't care about that, then download one that's better seeded, or one that comes pre-activated if you don't care about untouched images.
The SHA1 will be the same as the MSDN release because the files contain the same data. However, these are not the same files (compare creation/compile time).

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